In our effort to better serve the professionals and consumers of the music industry, Ledger Note acquires or recovers similar companies and entities that struggle to survive without the benefit our combined resources.  Their offerings are of great value to the community and under no circumstance should they be lost forever if a company chose to close their operations.

Our goal is to maintain as much of the original content as possible by merging them into Ledger Note's various categories.  This consolidation allows the content to continue to exist online in a safe, clean format that respects the intentions and artistic sensibilities of the authors.  Any article ported over to Ledger Note will from another company will be indicated as such on their respective pages.

Among these acquisitions are the following:

British Federation of Audio

british federation of audio
The British Federation of Audio was formed in 1965 by a group of nearly 30 manufacturers of high-fidelity audio equipment to promote the industry globally as home entertainment systems became ubiquitous. Among their accomplishments was the vast adoption of respectable home theater and venue-based audio products, the establishment of the annual British Hi-Fi Awards, and the invention of a safer loudspeaker cable adapter known as the BFA Connector that remains a standard even today. The BFA's original location could be found at

Rap Global

rap global logo

Rap Global's unique focus was to expose the shining stars of the planetary hip-hop community to fans in various parts of the world who may not have otherwise discovered these talents. Even more incredible than their entertaining blog was their in-depth album reviews and high-quality artist interviews. Rap Global's original location could be found at


teenwire logo

Through various avenues, among which was the musical art form and positive influence of famous musicians, TeenWire sought to promote a culture of healthy behavior and social interaction to teenagers.  Rather than ignoring taboo subjects, TeenWire provided a safe platform for well-intentioned youth to voice their concerns and ask the important questions. TeenWire's original location could be found at

RSS Cloud

rsscloud logo

RSS Cloud enhanced the Really Simple Syndication format by allowing for real-time updates. In an age before terms like "the cloud" and "push notifications" were common place, RSS Cloud was leading the pack. The music community latched on to this tech quickly using it as a form of micro-blogging. Although we can't reproduce the functionality here, we can honor it by keeping the relevant content and domain live. RSS Cloud's original location could be found at